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Holistic nutritional counselling considers the whole person while providing recommendations aimed at helping you achieve a healthy balance in your life. At the initial consultation, your history will be reviewed including personal, medical, and emotional well-being, your concerns, and your symptoms. From this information, you’ll be provided with a plan tailored specifically for you that includes recommendations regarding diet, supplements to support your transformation, and lifestyle considerations.

Often people are overwhelmed by what they think needs to be done to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Recommendations are made based on your comfort level with the steps you can make to place you on the right path. You’ll be surprised at what a difference small steps make towards improving your overall sense of well-being.

Initial consultation (60 to 90 minute session)

Review of a lifestyle assessment questionnaire and food diary, completed prior to the consult, along with your concerns and symptoms are used to provide initial recommendations and tips regarding diet, supplements and lifestyle. This is followed up with a detailed personalized action plan that includes sample diet plan recommendations and supplements to assist you in working towards achieving your goals.

Follow up session (30 minute session)

These sessions focus on your progress on your personalized action plan, overcoming obstacles that have arisen, tips and suggestions for staying on track, and tweaking the plan to ensure success.

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