Weight Loss Made Simple – A Smile Goes a Long Way

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Weight Loss Made Simple – A Smile Goes a Long Way

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Frustration with weight issues and lack of energy (there is a strong correlation between the two) are two of the biggest lifestyle issues that I hear in my office.  Fad diets and gimmicks that many have tried just don`t work in the long run.

Feeling good and looking great depends upon a number of factors including your diet, the amount you exercise, your stress levels, etc.   However, you can have an exceptional diet eating all the best quality, organic foods and exercise several times a week but if you don`t have a positive attitude, none of that will matter.

A loving, positive attitude about yourself and your worthiness has just as profound an effect upon your ability to help heal your body as does any supplement, medicine or change in nutrition.  Loving ourselves and our bodies is a key ingredient that must be a part of any health care plan.

If your main goal is weight loss, determining the emotional aspect of why you eat more than you should or why you eat foods that are not good for you will allow you to let go of the weight that you are holding on to.

The process to determine that emotional aspect could be very simple, as easy as pointing to one of the following questions and saying “that is it”; do you deserve to lose weight; why is there such a strong need to control; do you eat out of boredom; do you eat when you are stressed?

However, for most people there is not a simple answer to this question and that is when you can turn to some excellent guides to help you through the process.   Marianne Williamson`s “A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” is a guide to helping you work your way through some of the emotional issues that could be blocking your weight loss.

Another amazing book is written by one of the guru`s of women`s health, Christiane Northrup, called “Goddesses Never Age:  The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well Being”.  The title says it all.

In addition, homeopathic remedies can also help you deal with some of the emotional stressors by reducing anxiety, stopping the process of thinking of the same negative thoughts all the time and the cravings for food that make nutrition plans difficult to stick to.  Look for upcoming blog posts for more information in this area.

So, before your frustration with yourself has reached a point of no return, reach out for help, and smile.  You will be doing yourself a favour – YOU DESERVE IT!

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